Check whether your vehicle's memo is broken and fill it out online

Check whether your vehicle's memo is broken and fill it out online

Since the enactment of the Motor Vehicle Act, many currency issues have come up against which a large number of people have to pay penalties. People are becoming more aware as the penalties increase.

Although people often violate traffic rules, they have been issued a currency number on their cart. If you've ever known - inadvertently violated traffic rules, on which your car is broken but they don't know, you need not be scared. Whether it is currency or not, you can sit at home and know. If you have an outbreak in your name, you can make payments at home. So, know how sitting at home can know if you have a memo.

Go to this website
First you have to go to website. You can open this website on your mobile or computer.

- After this you have to first click on the Check Challan Status.

- Here you will find 3 options (currency number, vehicle number, DL number). If you click on an option with a vehicle number.

Place your carriage number on the vehicle number, followed by a captcha cod. After this you click on Get Detail. If you click, you will know if there is any currency in your car's name. Apart from this you can also check currency by entering DL number.

Payment can be made online:
You can pay online if you find currency details on the website. For this you need to click on Pay Now next to the currency. OTP will come to your registered number under process. You will then be taken to the e-currency payment website of the respective state. After this you have to click on the Next option. After this the payment confirmation page will appear on your screen. Now you have to click on Proceed. Now you can pay by choosing a payment gateway.