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Reliance Jio launched saarthi digital assistant to make online recharge

Reliance Jio launched saarthi digital assistant to make online recharge

Lock App with Password 
The deleted pictures, videos or documents in the trash by recovery may be private and you don't want others to see. Recycle Master lets you add a password to the app. External viewers will need to know the password before seeing the removed content. 

Auto Clean 
With auto clean, the useless backed up files in the trash by recovery will be cleaned automatically after a period to save your device space. You can set cleaning by week, by month or by season. 

The Files Dumpster in Your Device 
After installing Recycle Master, you can use it as a files dumpster. Put all your secret photos or files you do not need currently to the dumpster. View these files in Recycle Master directly, or recover them any time you want from the dumpster. 

This App works exactly like the recycle bin on your computer. The Recovery Bin is activated and deactivated by pressing the play button. Once activated, any file you delete will appear in bin for restoration or full deletion. 

-Restores full quality Videos and Images, low storage/memory requirements 
-Fully respects user privacy: Never asks for personal information and no files are backed up to any servers 
-Works in the background even if the app is swiped away, or phone restarted. 
-user can turn the Bin on/off with 1 button, or un-install with no strings attached 
-1 button restore or delete, preview files before delete 
Note: files are restored to where they were located. Use galley app or any file browser to view restored photos and videos. 

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Clean Master, one of the best optimization tools with space cleaner and antivirus for android devices, helps keep your phone clean and safe from virus. Clean Master also free up space and RAM to improve your phone's performance. Enjoy your speedy phone now! 

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Now with Etisalat's new application; My Etisalat, you can manage your accounts, check your balance, recharge and much more.

We will bring you regular updates for bug fixes, performance improvements and new features.