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Make CCTV Cameras and Home-Family Safe Without Working Mobile

Today the events of today's thieves are increasing. Now the CCTV cameras are available at home. But if you just want to use a smart phone for security, today we have come up with a juga for you. So these are some of the best. In the modern day of the day, new smart phones are coming to the market every day. That's why a house in your house may have the same things as it would be without work.

CCTV Cameras
That is why, today you are going to tell how you can create a CCTV camera from your old smart phone. Maybe you want to have a CCTV camera in your home, but could not do this due to lack of money. So this way you can prove to be very effective. How can you create a CCTV camera from a previous smartphone?

Create CCTV Cameras On Your Smartphone:

Friends, the way we are talking about, you can apply CCTV to your home or office, at a very low cost. You may know about it, that CCTV cameras are expensive nowadays. That's why we will tell you today how to build a CCTV camera from your old smartphone. So friends need to have just one smartphone or tablet and a good software for this jugaad.

To make this happen, first you install CCTV App in your unused smartphone. This app will get you easily from the Play Store. If you search about it then you will also see photos. You can download any of these apps, but the app called 'Athom' is the best. It would be good to use them.

Step by step to build CCTV cameras:

1. First of all, install 'Athom Video Streamer' on your old smartphone. The Handset is used for streaming the camera feed.

2. The second step is that you want to receive this CCTV feed on the device (ie the phone you have in your daily use), download an app called 'Athom Monitor' on it. This phone or tablet is used to view the camera feed.

3. Launch related apps on both 'Camera' and Phone. As soon as this is done online, athom video streamer will generate a unique connection id with user name and password. Now you can enter all this information on the phone that you use to keep track of the feed. (You can scan the QR code as we did.)

4. After that device you use to monitor the feed, you have to launch the Atmospheric Monitor App, and write the account details you generated in it. Or you can click on the feed ad using the generated QR code. If you scan that code, then your CCTV streamer and receiver will start and run.

5. If you want to use CCTV stream on your desktop computer, and if you use Windows on a computer, you just have to download and install 'Atom Camera Desktop Client'. If your desktop also has a webcam, you can also scan the QR code like step no. 3. And if not, you have to create a username like step no. 2 and have to log in. By this you can attach and monitor up to four camera streams in a desktop client.

6. The special thing is that in this app features such as scheduling recording and two-way recording. You can switch front and rear cameras and start from a remote LED flash.

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