Coming Soon Whatsapp Very Useful Feature

Coming Soon Whatsapp Very Useful Feature

Wattsapp is the world's most popular messaging app, but users can not lock this app.

Security in iPhone
Wattsapp is bringing special features for the user's security. For iPhone users, WhatsApp is ready to bring touch IDs and face ID support to iOS. If you have an old iPhone, you can unlock WhatsApp from a fingerprint scanner and the iPhone X or newer iPhone, Face ID can be unlocked by Face Recording.

Feature's work still continues in Alpha Stage
This feature can be locked with WhatsApp. Currently there is a convenience for Android users that they can lock WhatsApp from a third party lock app, but these features are not for iPhone users. Apps for Locking the App on iOS's App Store are either low or not free. That's why the WhatsApp lock feature will be the first to be launched for iOS. According to Wabetainfo's report, WhatsApp is working on Touch ID support, if this work is still in alpha stage, meaning this feature is still being prepared, then testing is yet to be done.

The password can not be found in the WhatsApp page
According to the report, this feature will show Touch ID / Face ID in the privacy settings of WhatsApp. Tapping it can be enabled here. You should have your face or finger scans for authentication before you open WhatsApp. If the wrong fingerprint scan or incorrect face scanning scanning of the app will remain locked while waiting for WhatsApp, and will ask for the passcode again and here you will have to enter the phone password. According to the report, fingerprint or passcode detection will not go to WhatsApp.

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