The selection can change before 100-200-500-2000 notes in your pocket, know what is the matter

  • RBI has started rolling out new notes of Rs 100 in the market. Purple color notes worth Rs 100 are now being received from some ATMs. It is debatable that the RBI has to bring a new note of Rs 100. It will be a special featureless 100 rupee note. It is now found that the remaining notes in your pocket may change before the Lok Sabha elections next year. The notes of 200, 500 and 2000 rupees will also be changed. Changing the note does not mean that the old note will be closed. But currency notes of both types will remain in the market. However, the existing note system will be gradually reduced if the trial with the new features is correct. The new note will be marketed with varnish paint.
  • In fact, the Reserve Bank of India's plan is to note that the notes are varnished to be marketed. This will last for a long time. The RBI's annual report was proposed in 2017-18 that bank notes need to be changed. However, this will be just as a trial. This type of trial has been adopted in other countries too. However, no confirmation has been made from the RBI.
  • Why the change?
  • In fact, varnish paint will be installed on the new note of Rs. 100. RBI may allow this proposal for the notices. After the 100's note, varnish paint will be brought to the market as a trial by noting 200, 500 and 2000 notes. According to our partner website, RBI is preparing to make changes in Indian bank notes after discussions with the government. According to RBI's proposal, this effort to increase the lifetime of notes made in other countries has been successful.
  • What difference would be the current note?
  • The new note with varnish paint will last two times more than the existing notes. However, its design will be similar to existing notes. The new note will be Gandhi's series. Basically, it will be painted varnish to enhance his life.
  • The RBI was already involved in the agenda
  • The proposal to bring varnish paint bank notes is already included in the RBI agenda. It is mentioned in the RBI's annual report 2016-17 Currency Management Chapters. In addition to the Procurement of Currency Verification and Processing System (CVPS) / Shredding and Briquetting Systems (SBS) in the 2017-18 agenda of the RBI, and the announcement of new series bank notes. Also included in its agenda was to launch varnish bank notes.
  • Preparation to change the note before selection
  • According to sources connected with the RBI, the first 100 rupees varnish note will be brought. Then the notes of 200, 500 and 2000 will also be brought together with these features. These notes can be changed before the next year's election. However, for the official confirmation the RBI will have to wait for the announcement. But sources say that RBI has prepared it.
  • Why the selection before
  • In fact, there is always a shortage of rupees during the election or the selection. Meanwhile, there is a shortage of cash in the ATM and bank. Cache disappears from the market during the selection. According to a recent RBI report, there was a shortage of rupee during the last election. It will also be tested by bringing this note before the selection.

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