Invest In This Scheme Of Post Office And Get Double Rupee

  • Invest in this scheme of post office and get double rupee
  • VTV Gujarati There are many schemes offered by the Government Saving, which are completely secure and have a complete guarantee of return. Just like you can invest in the Kisan Development Party of the Post Office. Which can be purchased from all the branches of the post office. The minimum account to deposit is 1000 rupees, whereas there is no limit in the Maxim account. This scheme offers 7.3% annual interest.
  • According to the information given in the post office's official website (, the scheme doubles to 118 months, or 9 years, and 10 months monthly if the investment is done. If you have invested in this scheme, you can take a loan with it.
  • Fisce Interest can be obtained from MIS:
  • - You can get a fixed interest every month by investing in the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (MIS). In which 4.5 lakh rupees can invest individually and 9 lakh rupees directly. Investment Period is 5 years old. An account can be opened on deposits of minimum 1500 rupees.
  • Think A A person has invested 5 lakhs in one scheme for 5 years, its interest rate is 7.3%. It means that a person will get 3250 rupees as an interest of 5 years, after maturity, Rs 5 lakhs can be withdrawn.
  • Recurring Deposit (RD):
  • - Recurring Deposit (RD) investment is a populer scheme, which has a guaranteed return guarantee. There is a need to deposit money every month up to a single fee period in RD. People who do not have a large amounts to invest, they can do a savings by depositing a few bucks in the RD.
  • - The interest rate on which the Deposit Deposit defaults on your deposit account and policy term. It has an interstate rate of 7.25-9%. Many banks offer a higher interest rate to the senior commerce.
  • You can start RD by 100 rupees. It has a maximum limit of Rs 1.5 lakh.
  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP):
  • Under Systematic Investment Plan, you can invest in a mutual fund scheme in a single fiat amounts. It can also be started with a monthly investment of 500 rupees. In SIP, returns up to 10% more than usual.

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