How To Set Video Ringtone Your Mobile Phone

Video ringtone. Show video on incoming call.

  • Allows you to use your own incoming call screen with cool full-screen videos instead of a boring little photo. However, in addition to the video, it is possible to set a full-screen photo in HD quality.


  1. ◆ Set an individual video ringtone for: contact, group, other contacts (unknown, ‘not found’ and default).
  2. ◆ Personal settings for each video contact: sound volume, style of an incoming call, text color and buttons.
  3. ◆ Unique features: rotate and scale video, set the starting position of playback. Preliminary processing of the video is no longer required.
  4. ◆ Pronunciation of the name of the caller
  5. ◆ Beautiful, stylish, individual themes of the call screen, more than 20 preinstalled
  6. ◆ Fine tune the incoming call window (full-screen or popup), ability to customize display elements (name, photo, telephone) and how to answer the call (buttons, slider, glowpad, swipe)
  7. ◆ As videotones can be set to any video from the gallery or created with camera phone
  • Playing random video from the selected directory when an incoming call
  • All this is absolutely free and without restrictions. Choose your style and say goodbye to the boring default call interface!
  • Additionally, available by subscription
  • access to a huge collection of video ringtones for all tastes for different devices. Download and share your ringtones

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