Each Month Will Earn Up To Rs 5,000, Income From LIC's Money

  • Once you invest, you want Life Time Guaranteed Income, LIC's life Akshay VI Policy is for you. Apart from this, it will also benefit your life partner.
  •  Under this policy, if the policy holder invests Rs. 100,000 in one installation, then under the policy, he will get the annual income of 65,500 rupees. 
  • In this case, every month the policyholder will earn more than Rs 5,000

What is the rule

  • LIC insurer advocate Binti Gupta said that according to the rule, people aged 30 to 85 years old can take this policy. 
  • When a minimum amount of one lakh rupees must be kept within one week, under the policy.
  •  Where there is no maximum investment limit. What is life like Akshaya VI policy and how will it take you to get your guaranteed income ...

Life partner gives benefit

  • The policy holder will be paid the amount every month till he survives. When the policy holder dies, his partner will be paid 100% pension.
  •  This payment will stop after the death of the partner. When the nominee will pay the sum of the policy ie Rs 10,00,000.


  • Policy holder will be paid annual pension of Rs. 65,500 per day. After the death of policy holder, the partner will be paid a lifetime of 65,500. 
  • After the death of the spouse, the nominee will be paid a sum of Rs. 1000000.

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