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Unlock the phone from the Trick mobile phone, Learn how

Unlock the phone from the Trick mobile phone, Learn how

  • Today we are going to tell you a trick with which you can make your camera a fingerprint lock. That means your phone will be unlocked from the camera itself. For that you have to install an app on the phone. The name of this app is the ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Even if your phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, you can unlock the phone with fingerprints by installing this app.
  • First go to the Google Play Store and install the ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner. Here I have tick the mark against Let's go and tap on Let's Go.
  • Then you have to set a PIN. You can set your choice as you want. This pin will work for you. You have to put the PIN twice.


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      • Then go ahead and move on to Dont Show the Guide Again in the Last.
      • Now you have to select any finger of one hand. Which means you want to unlock the phone. Select finger.
      • The phone's camera will open just after selecting the finger and the finger will be scanned. This will scan 7 times.
      • Match your finger after match will be Confirmed. Now you have to scan your finger to unlock the phone by tapping on the option of Use This Fingerprint option.