This Step Of Government Can Drop Employees' Salaries, Know What Is The Reason

This step of government can drop employees' salaries, know what is the reason

  • This step of government can drop employees' salaries, know what is the reason
  • This step of government can be reduced by employees' salary, know what's the reason +2
  • Utility Desk: There is bad news for the employer. The impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) may now affect your sales. If GST looks, companies can change their bonuses from their employers to the package. This change is being done by companies that GST can not be burdened by companies in any way. After the change, the burden will be on the employees.
  • What can happen in the GST boundary?
  • The amount received for the phone, medical insurance, medical check-up, transportation, rent is also within the bounds of GST. The Authority Advance Ruling Routing (AAR) has decided in one case that the charges levied as canteen charges by the companies will also come in the limits of GST. If these facilities are GST then the companies will charge the employees from this. Its direct impact will be on the employee's package.
  • English News Paper Explanation
  • According to a well-known English news paper, the Expert has advised companies to ask their HR department to review the matter. Companies such as house rent, mobile bill, break up of health insurance bill etc. will have to go through the GST limits, then companies will have to redefine your salary package again.