Take only 1 rupee today at home, the car, know what the plan is

  • The Delhi-NCR will see more electric cars on the road as soon as possible. The rental car company has been trying to make an electric car available. The contractor has signed for this. Under the agreement, Mahindra Electric will provide 100 electric cars in Delhi, which will be the e20Plus car. According to the official, this car will soon start to meet.
  • Both companies have decided to extend their service area in Delhi NCR after Mysore, Hyderabad and Jaipur. Junk's Co-Founder said, "Initially this electric car can be rented from 1 rupee per hour. 
  • Charging the car full. If you rent a car for more days, you can charge it at home. This electric car can also be taken from Delhi airport and New Delhi railway station. '
  • Mahindra e20Plus once cut the distance of 140 kilometers on the full charge, the company claimed. The car is capable of catching up to 85 kilometers per hour. This is an electric car based on Mahendranath's latest Driven Technique. 
  • Customers in this car can choose between 4 trim levels. With this, Mahindra has also given four color options for this electric car. Mahindra's e20Plus car has a 48 volt battery in P2, P4 and P6 variants. When the P8 Variant comes with a 72 volt battery.
  • The 48 volt battery sends power to 3 phase induction mortgages and generates a power of 25.5bHP and a torque of 70 Newton meters. When a 72 volt battery generates a power of 40bHP and a torch of 91 Newton meters. This car has features such as Remote Diagnostic, Smartphone Connectivity, New and Advance Infotainment System, Regenerative Breaks, Hill Hold Controls.