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Reliance Geo Offers 112 GB Of Data In Free, Learn The Offer

Reliance Geo comes at some distance from someone with an offer.

  •  Recently, Geo also launched the IPL 2018 offer. Once again, the company has launched an offer. It offers 112 GB of data to consumers free. Did you know about this offer?
  • Reliance Geo named the offer JioPhone match pass. Which is only for geo users. This offer will give 112 GB data for 56 days.
  • For this, your friend wants to buy a Geo phone to call 1800-890-8900 on this number. After calling this number tell your mobile number and pin code. Your friend will get a message of nearby shop address. Where to buy a Geo Phone But if a friend wants to buy a Geo phone by entering your mobile number, you will be given 8 GB of data for 4 days. If your 5th friend purchases Geo phone by showing your mobile number, then 24 GB data will be provided for free for 12 days.
  • Besides, 10 friends will buy 10 GB of phone by dialing your mobile number and you will be given a free 112 GB data for 56 days.