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RBI will release a special coin of Rs 350, know what will be

RBI will release a special coin of Rs 350, know what will be

  • Business Desk: The government has removed the low-cost coins from the currency and after a dispute about the running of 10 coins from now on, the Reserve Bank has clarified that 10 coins are officially in currency and banks have to accept it. Now the RBI has to issue a straightforward 350 rupee coin. This has been stated in a statement by the finance ministry
  • Guru Gobind Singh ji would be released as a remembrance of Rs. 300 coins
  • The government is about to issue this coin as a remembrance of Guru Gobind Singh ji for the 350th birth anniversary of Maharaj. The 350th light of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, the tenth and final Guru of Sikhism, was celebrated from December 30, 2016 to January 5, 2017, in Takht, Patna Sahib. It has been stated in the official statement that, “Guru Gobind Singh will release 350 rupees from the central government in memory of 350th prakashotsav of Jinnah.”

Weight and manufacture of coins of Rs.3300

  • According to the statement, the weight of this coin will be 35 grams.
  • – Silver, nickel and zinc will be used to make it. In which 50% silver, 40% copper and 5-5% nickel and zinc will be there.

What would be the Rs.350 coin?

  • The front side of the coin
  • The Ashoka pillar will be surrounded by a symbol of Sikkim on the front of Sikkim. Satyamev Jayate will have written down below him. It would have written an icon of Rupee and 350 between it.
  • With this one would have written India on one side of Sikkim and India on the other side in Devanagari script.

The back side of the coin

  • In the middle of this side of the coin, there will be a picture of ‘Takhat Shri Harimandir ji Patna Sahib’. In the upper part of the picture, Devanagari script will be written in the English language of ‘350th Prakashotsav of Guru Gobind Singhji’ and below.
  • – On the left and right side of Sikkim, the year numbers 1666 and 2016 will be written in English.
  • – How many such coins will be issued by the RBI are not stated, but coins will be in a limited amount as a memory.


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