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Pictures Of New Notes Of 1000, 350 And 5 Viral, Know What Is The Fact

Pictures of new notes of Rs. 1000, 350 and Rs. 5 on social media are quickly becoming viral. Nobody knows if these pictures are true or not. The RBI has not confirmed this yet. The RBI recently issued new notes of Rs 200 and Rs 10. Earlier the Reserve Bank issued new notes of 2000, 500, 200 and 50 rupees.
While the new notes of the new notes becoming viral on social media, even though the original look is in the display, the RBI has not issued such notes. Currently, new notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 350 have not been issued. The RBI did not give any official statement about the issuance of these notes. The notes are genuine or fake that can be verified by you easily.
Know what is the fact
5 rupee notes are completely bogus. The 5-rupee note which is getting viral is the fact that the new notes are worth 50 rupees, which was recently released by the RBI. The picture can be seen that the new note of Rs 50 has been removed from zero. But if you look carefully, you will know that fifty rupees are written on the note in Hindi.
If you look at this note of 20 rupees, you will notice that if you change the color of the 2000 notes, then two zeros are removed and it has been made a note of 20 rupees. The mistake that has been made in these notes has also been made to make a 1000 rupee note. Seeing this note also, it will be realized that the notes of 2000 rupees were edited and made to the notes of 1000 rupees. On this note two thousand rupees will be written in Hindi. Also note this note 1 will also be written in void.
If you are also getting the pictures of these new notes on social media, do not believe it. You can get information from the official website of the bank that you have a fake note or duplicate.