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JIO reopens the offer's treasure, get 2500 gift at Rs 248

JIO reopens the offer's treasure, get 2500 gift at Rs 248

  • Customers will have to recharge the first Rs 149 for a free JioFi device of Rs 999 and 100 GB of 4G data worth 1500 rupees.


  • You have to recharg 149 with the 999 markabship
  • Rs 999 JioFi device, 4G data of Rs 1500
  • Find 10 Gigabyte customers of 10 GB in MyJio App
  • New Delhi: In a recent survey by London's Open Signal Company, Reliance Jio has been a key contributor to the 4G network revolution in India. In this way, Reliance Geo is continuously giving gifts to new customers to new customers. Now Geo has opened offers of patrons for prepaid customers.

2500 Gift in 248

  • According to the new offer, customers will get a free JioFi device at Rs 999 and 100 GB additional GB data of 1500 rupees. For this, customers have to recharge at least Rs. 149. With this, Geo will get the prime membership of 99 rupees.
  • Benefits of Prepaid Customers
  • The offer is available for purchase of Google Home or Chromecast Device (only Indian edition). To avail the offer, customers can purchase Reliance Digital, Reliance DX Mini, from the device of Geo Store. Geo prepaid customers can take advantage of this offer.
  • Offer starting from 10th April
  • MyJio will get 10 vouchers of 10 GB, that is, 100 other customers. It can be leveraged within one year through MyJio App. The date of Geo SIM activation should not be before April 1, 2018. Offer has started from April 10.