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If you forget ATM at home, then withdraw money from the machine

If you forget ATM at home, then withdraw money from the machine

  • In today's digital world, it is common for all people to have an ATM card. But sometimes in a hurry, we forget our card at home, when we arrive at the machine, we know that ATMs are forgotten at home, we are telling you today that the bank is also offering the facility, in which you can withdraw money without an ATM. You can You do not have to do anything to get this feature, but with simple process you can take advantage of this feature.
  • Register yourself in the bank
  • To get this feature you must first register yourself in the bank. This registration can also be done through bank branch or bank internet banking.

Pin number will be found

  • Once registered with the bank, the customer will get a PIN number of 4 digits. This number will be the same as an ATM PIN. It can also be used as a User Transaction Security PIN or Authorization Code.

Download Mobile Application

  • Once you have registered, you have to download the application connected to the bank on your mobile. Users have also been given an SMS option for this. The bank will send the application's web link to your mobile.

A facility like ATM will get

  • Then you have to make your password. With this password, you can withdraw ATM card without ATM card by cash on mobile option by going to ATM. By this option, you can only withdraw up to Rs 5,000. However, this service has not yet started in every bank. Some banks have cash on mobile facilities.