How to: New card to be done on the basis of lost card

How to: New card to be done on the basis of lost card

  • The base card has now become your most important credential. With it you have connected your mobile phone to your mobile phone and all your important services. 
  • In view of this, the importance of Aadhaar card is increasing day by day. And now the withdrawal of the support card is going to be mandatory for all people. 
  • What if your support card is lost for any reason? In such a situation, if you have a chance to make another support card, we will tell you a detailed description of what to do here.

  • Enrollment Number

  • If you have your support card, you should write all its details in a safe place. You should keep details such as enrollment number of Aadhaar card, number enrolled on Aadhaar card, etc. And as far as possible keep a photo of a base card and keep this photo in a safe drive so that no one can use it properly

Online application

  • First of all, you go to UIDAI's website and select your option by going to here. After that click Resident Portal and then you will get two more options EID and UID. If your support card's slip is missing, click on EID and click on UID if the support card is lost.

Then what?

  • After clicking on the UID / EID, you type your name, the mobile number entered in enrollment, email ID, and then type the four digits given on the screen in the security code box as shown in the way it is shown. After this you will get a one-time password on mobile. 
  • By typing the OTP PIN again, you will get your UID number, depending on which you can download your new e-card.


  • If you want to know the status of your Aadhaar card, then you will have to click or this link. 
  • From here you will know the status of your base card.