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How To Add Google Map your home address, this is an easy way

Add to Google Map your home address, this is an easy way

  • New Delhi (JnN). Many times this happens to you when you search for an address in Google map but you do not see that place in the measurement. The place is not present in Google Map even after it is popular.
  •  In such a way, finding a place through a measurement seems like a big challenge. Today, we will tell you some tricks by which you can add your own well-known location to Google Maps.
  •  For this, you have to complete a process. After that you can add that place to Google Map. But Google does notify the location before editing it in its data.

Know what you have to do?

  1. Open Google Maps and click on the Search Search tab here.
  2. After doing this, you will see an option on page that says ‘add a missing place’. Clicking on this will open a new page.
  3. After this you will have to fill the place in the newly opened page. You can also mark the location here.
  4. Google will salute this location once the phone is turned on.
  5. Let us know that you can add your shop name, website, business card and address along with the location here.
  6. However, if you accidentally typed incorrect address, you can edit it by going to your contribution.