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Car And Two-Vhahlar's Third-Party Premium Will Decrease From April 1,

Car and Two-Vhahlar's third-party premium will decrease from April 1, Know Your Premium
The Insurance Directorate has decided to reduce the insurance premiums of small cars and some to two Vahalar vehicles through IRDA. On the other hand, Goods have been proposed to increase the premiums in vehicles. According to the new rate, the premium for third party insurance premiums has been reduced by 10% in cars with a capacity of less than 1000 cc. While the premium of less than 75 cc engine has been reduced to 25%.
If you look at this, the premium for third party insurance premiums in cars with a capacity of less than 1000 cc will cost you Rs. 1850 will have to give. Then, in 1000 cc to 1500 cc cars, 2863 premium to be paid. On the other hand, the tractor premium used for farming can also increase. There has not been any explanation yet.
The provision of third party insurance under motor vehicle law has already been made. In case of any accident of a motor vehicle, the insurer and the insurance company, besides the third person, are also damaged. This arrangement has been made to provide third party rectification. On this issue, the government has mandated third party insurance in any situation. In which arrangements are made to provide compensation to the party against the time of the tragedy. So that everyone can benefit When a new car is purchased in India, the vehicle dealer is able to calculate it in the insurance cover.