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A major change in PAN card, these people will benefit

  • A major change has been made on the PAN card, ie PAN. The Central Board of Direct Taxes has issued a notification.
  •  The notification has been declared under Article 139A of the Income Tax Act. A new application form for PAN number has been issued.
  •  In which the government has made different rules for transgender in the income tax rules. 
  • Now the transgender has also been made an independent gender association for the formation of his identity in the form of a PANcard.
  • Central Board of Directors has created a new tick box in the application form of PAN Card in a Notification. The Board does most of the work to create policy in the Income Tax Department.
  •  According to the notification issued by the Board, the legal act of the Insurance Act 139A and 295 has been placed. So far only the women and men in Pankar's application form were only two options.
  • The board has received some complaints for transgender, after which the tax rule has been changed. To make a documentary for transgender community ...