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Now the possibility of giving free data to Modi government

Now the possibility of giving free data to Modi government
Scheme for attracting young people in rural areas: Free Data plans are under consideration
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ready to play a big role in promoting Digital India before the general elections and attracting young people in rural areas. Modi government is planning to provide free data to the people. The possibility of this plan is being verified.
According to sources, the telecom ministry is currently working on it. After discussing about one year long discussion, there is now a report that the plan has reached the decision-making stage. The government can present this scheme in a short time. The government is desirous of introducing this effort as a digital transaction after the notional ban. According to sources, this scheme can be extended with the Universal Obligation Fund.
It is said that the government is introducing this scheme with the intention to increase net connectivity in rural areas. Under this, all the necessary websites will be opened which can prove to be useful for the need. According to officials who have been given the finishing of the project, there are ongoing discussions on some of the aspects. People do not know more about the USO fund. This is a fund that requires all telecom companies to deposit a portion of their profits each year with the government fund. From 2002 to 2016, it has deposited 68 thousand crores of rupees. Out of which only Rs 25 thousand crore could be spent.