Now the bulb can be found in wifi ...

  • Who is not happy if the country progresses? Everyone's interest is in the progress of the country.
  • Just as China is making progress, all the countries of the world want to progress and they also progress so that they do not have to go further.
  • If you have good income in your own country then you do not have to go abroad. India is also gradually progressing even though its speed is slow, but there are many inventions in India.
  • One has come to know that now the bulb can do WiFiThink how happy you would be if you got WiFi facility available from your home bulb.
  • You'll be able to do your job easily. Would not you be so glad if your phon was connected with a light bulb on the road? Every month the recharging regime will be exempted.The Government of India is testing this so that this facility can be accessed so that every feature of the mobile can be used. 
  • This means that all this will soon be possible.The Government of India is working hard on this project and this project is especially needed in the villages.If this project is successful then the villages of India will also make many progress. The Ministry of Electronics and IT has tested WiFi technology in Halaya Pilot Project.
  •  The data transmitter LED bulb light sprayer is used in a range of up to one kilometer with a speed of 10 GB per second.The advantage of this project will be the highest of the area where roads and rail lines are good. This technology will also be used to connect hospitals where the internet signal breaks the most. Which will also make underwater connectivity available. 
  • This project will also be available in the forest area.In India, efforts have been made with alternatives such as whitespace for the last few years.
  •  If this project works correctly many people will be benefitted and everyone will be able to benefit from this facility

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