How old is the bike, this number will be known by seeing

How old is the bike, this number will be known by seeing

  • Bike sales market in India is growing every month, in 2016-17 alone, the number of two-wheeler vehicles was more than 17 million. Selling second-hand bikes in the country is also increasing rapidly. In the second hand market, bikes of 70 to 80 thousand rupees are available in 10 to 15 thousand rupees. In this case, it is necessary to know how old the bike is, the age of the bike can be reported from your chassis or vehicle identification number (VIN).

What are chassis numbers?

  • In almost all bikes, the chassis number is at the bottom of the handle. This means that the support of the handle is a place on the left or right side of the pipe like Bajaj Avenger number on the hand pipe, this number is 13 points. 
  • Both are alphabetical and numerical. All these have been prepared in different ways. That is, each number has a mean
  • Your bike number is 10 chassis number, its product is 2011. Similarly, 2 means, 2002, 3 2003. This means that 9 means 2009. 
  • Later the alphabet begins That is, A stands 2010, similarly B means 2011, C means 2012, D Earth 2013, E will be 2014. 
  • Thus, considering the alphabet, the concept of building a bike can be realized. However, I, O, Q and Z are not included in the list. It is, H stands for 2017, while J 2018 would mean Y means 2031 in the series.