Reliance JIO: Republic Day Offer

Reliance JIO: Republic Day Offer
Reliance Jio has given important information about its Republic Day offer, in a telecom sector, a new announcement. According to the company, the plan launched before the Jio Republic Day 2018 plan will be priced at 50 rupees and 50% more will be available to consumers in this plan.
According to information received from Telecom Infos, the new plan of Geo will be from Rs 98 to Rs 498. The special thing is that Geo has reduced the cost of each plan by 50 rupees. Speaking of Geo 98, you can now get 2GB high speed data with unlimited voice calls. This will be valid for 28 days. Prior to this, the validity of this plan was 14 days.
1.5GB of data per day:
According to the claim, Geo has reduced the cost of the first launch of 1.5GB of data per day to 50 rupees. Now the plan starts at Rs 149. The validity of the plan for 149 rupees has been 28 days, the plan validity of Rs. 349, and the validity of the plan for 70 days and 399 rupees has been 84 days. On the other hand, the validity of the plan at 449 rupees has been 91 days.
Similarly, 42GB data will be available for Rs 149, 105GB data for Rs 349, 136 GP data will be available at Rs 399 and 136GB data at Rs 449. In this, the benefits of calling and SMS will remain unchanged as before.
2GB of data per day:
Earlier, Geo had the same plan with 2GB but now Geo has 4 plans with 2GB. Here Geo has not done anything special, but updating 1.5GB of data per day has been made 2GB every day. Now, the Rs 198-rupee plan will get 2GB of data per day for 28 days. This means that the total 56GB of data will be available to the customers.
Similarly, Rs. 398 for 70 days for 140GB data, 448 rupees for 84 days, 168GB data and 498 rupees per day for 2GB data, customers will get 182GB data for 91 days. Each of these plans will be applicable on January 26.

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