whatsapp its users to bring a new feature "payment option '

After giving Android and ios users with Live location, WhatsApp and Evergreen features are now expected to give new features. New features may prove to be very useful for users. Company is preparing to add a payment option to Whatsapp. This can be launched by December. If this feature is started, you will be able to transfer the amount from the digital transaction between your contacts.
This new feature of Whatsapp was being discussed for the past several days. Now getting information about this through a new report. According to Factor Daily, Whatsapp has been working on the payment feature for a long time and now it is on the last step. Company is preparing to pay a payment option in the app. Hope this feature will work in other countries as well as in the Indian market in December.
This feature of Whatsapp will be beta testing in November, after which it will come in for the usual users in December. Whatsapp is communicating with financial institutions for the payment feature. No more information has been given so far from Whatsapp. After this feature is launched in the Indian market, there may be some risks for some digital wallet companies.
Whatsapp is talking to State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI and HDFC Bank for this feature. So far, no statement has been made about this from the banks. There will be a package icon for the payment feature in the Whatsapp chat interface within the chat option. In which you will be able to request contact for payment.

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