The new feature of Whastapp has come, with Chating can do another job in the phone

The new feature of Whastapp has come, with Chating can do another job in the phone
Whatsapp has come up with a new feature once again in its beta version. Beta version features 5 new features. Soon, these features are expected to be available for general users. In this group ADMIN has to get more power, with the help of video calling fun too.
Private Repliers, Pictures in WattsUp New features like Tapping to Unblock User, New Inbound Via Link Shortcut and admin setting are coming. Today we are telling you how this will work.
This feature lets you send a private message to a user on a single click in the user group chat. This means that the user will get the option of private reply at one click in the group. No other member of the group will be able to see. This is currently only available on the beta version.
This version of WhatsApp has been found in the web. This feature gives the user multifunction during video call. That is, you can also do other work on the phone with a video call. A new icon user will be viewing the video call. The user must select this icon. Then Picture Mode will start working. Users can resize their video window according to their own. The window can be made smaller or larger according to its requirements. On the remaining screen, the user can do the other with the video call.
This feature is already available on iOS, coming from Daldee to Android. In this group ADM can send a link to join the people.
Group admin will get more benefits in this feature. Admin can control the message of sanding and edit group information.