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You get this on petrol pump 9 rights, please use it now

Petrol pump is filled with petrol, but they do not know their rights. Do you know that while having an emergency, you can do a phone with a petrol pump. The pump manager can not charge you any charge. There are many rights that people have received, but more people are not aware of it. Today we are going to ask you for the same rights that you should know.
According to a report, there are more than 58,000 petrol pumps across the country. Over 90 percent of the government oil companies are running this. Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum, is a big name for Hindustan Petroleum. Learn what you have got on the petrol pump. If you do not want to give this facility, you can complain against it.

  • - The customer has the right to be billed on patrol. Can not refuse to pay any petrol pump administrator bill
  • - The customer has the right to check and measure petrol quality.
  • - Every petrol pump should have a washroom arrangement. It can not take any charge.
  • - The petrol pump should have the facility of filling the vehicle in free.
  • Each petrol pump has to be a fire fighter.
  • - In an accident, the injured person can take the first ad box from the petrol pump.
  • - There should be a complaint box or a register for customer complaints on cheating.
  • - To measure the correct quanta of oil, it should be 5 liters.
  • - Drinking water facility should be on every petrol pump.