This setting of mobile can be done by jail, blurring, three years in jail

Yuletility Desk, Ahmedabad: Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone in hand. There are several settings that can be useful to the user, so these are all the user settings. But you know some setting can cause trouble. One of these settings is the IMEI number, which can sometimes cause losses due to blurring. This means that a person may have to go to jail due to the intimidation.
The telecom ministry is preparing a rule on which, if this setting is tampered with, then the person can be sentenced to 3 years in jail. These settings not only help you find a stolen or lost phone but are also important for security agencies. We are telling you about these settings that should never be tampered with. It will only hurt you.
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Click on the next slides and find out why and what settings will be blurring away and why the government is bringing this rule ….
Gadget Desk: Reliance Geo’s 4G feature phone has been in the hands of users after launch. During the first pre-booking, 60 million users bought it. All these people are currently being delivered. Geo Phone is not the official app of WhatsApp, but a trick can be used to open WhatsApp. This trick is being wired on YouTube today, meaning that if you have a Joe phone, then the WhatsApp can be open on it.
# Props shown on YouTube …
– On YouTube many tricks have been shown to open the WhatsApp app on the Geo Phone. The trick shown in the video works, so that the wait is open on the Geo phone.
However, this does not have to be a WhatsApp application, it needs to be opened using a browser. There is no type of editing in the video, so you can also open on your WhatsApp phone.

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