Some common diseases and information about their drug

Doctor also has to be annoyed if the hospital is on leave, so it has to be annoyed .Medical is not there at some place, if we take some medicines with the necessary medicines for the removal of this problem, then we should not get annoyed and even get immediate relief. From this objective, some primary aliprophones offer guidance to you. If you take this useful medicine with you, it will not have to be annoying.
I give some general information about the disease and its medication in this post.

◆ For colds:
Tab Wicoryl – (10)
Tab Diomanic DCA – (10)
(Noon -1, night -1, night)
◆ For fever:
Tab Nise tablet – (10)
Tab.calpol 500 – (10)
(Noon -1, night -1, night)
◆ For vomiting:
Tab Ondem 4mg – (5)
(As required)
◆ Patience of the stomach:
Tab Meftal spas – (5)
Tab.cyclopam- (5)
(As required)
◆ For gas:
Cap Omez-D- (10)
(1-morning, 1-evening, hungry.)
◆ For acidity
Cap CYRA-D – (10)
(1-morning, 1-evening, hungry.)
◆ Hands, feet, teeth, headache:
Tab Acenac-P – (10)
Tab.Hifenac-p – (10)
(Noon -1, night -1, night)
Note: Take this medication with an acidity medication so that acidity can be done from this tablet.
◆ Muscle pain:
Tab.Hifenac-MR – (10)
(Noon -1, night -1, night)
Note: Take this medication with an acidity medication so that acidity can be done from this tablet.
◆ Feet tubing for foot pain:
Gel Volini – (1)
◆ Allergies, itching:
Tab L-Dio 1 – (10)
Tab.Lazine- (10)
(Night -1, Jami Na)
◆ For breath:
Tab Derephylin – (5)
(As required)
◆ For vertigo:
Tab Stemetil 5mg – (5)
(As required)
◆ Confusion:
Tab Sorbitol 5mg – (5)
(As required)
◆ Bulls of taking away:
Cap Carvol plus – (5)
Cap.Airway- (5)
(To smell)
Note: This drug is not for drinking. If the nose is closed in the cold, it is to smell the pudding in the towel.
◆ Common diarrhea:
Tab Lopox – (10)
(As required)
◆ For water-like diarrhea /
(Gestric infection)
Tab O2 – (10)
Tab Ornof – (10)
(Noon -1, night -1, night)
◆ Tummy, duration of infection
Tab Zathrin 250 – (6)
Tab.Azee 500 – (3)
(1-morning, 1-evening, hungry.)
◆ For the mug:
(Mouth ulcer)
Tab Folib plus – (10)
Tab.cobadex CZS – (10)
Tab.Fourtus B- (10)
(1 in the afternoon)
◆ Tube to be installed on TV:
Cream Betadin – (1)
◆ For the trouble of vomiting in travel:
Tab Avomin – (10)
[Many people have allergies of bus or travels, such a person may have a headache and then vomiting, and then only after drinking this medicine should sit in the bus.
Special Note: The above drug should be taken according to the dosage shown. The medicine that has been written for a disease is written. It has given the brand name of the option below the medicines, to seek only one brand.
This medicine is for a person aged 18 to 60. This medicine is only for Levi’s use of work. If you are suffering from a serious illness, ask this medicine to your family doctor.
Apart from this, the first eyed box can be kept in which a little bit, betadin cream, groin, detol, bandaid etc can be kept