SBI is the biggest gift given to the people of the country

SBI is the biggest gift given to the people of the country
The country's largest public sector bank State Bank of India has launched a new app YONO-Yono (You Only Need One) for its customers. This app will provide 60 essential services for everyday living. This means that now SBI's new app will be able to book taxi service such as Uber, Ola. Also, shopping at Bong, Max, Mintra can also be done.
14 different category services:
The 14 different categories on this app will include book for you, cab booking, entertainment, eating-drinking, travel, and medical services. For this, the bank has tied up with 60 e-commerce companies. These include companies such as Amazon, Uber, Mintara, Shopper Stop, Thomas Cook, Travel etc. IOS and Android users can download Yano App.
60 services will be available on the App:
Fashion, Cab & Car Rentals, Automobiles, Deals, Electronic, Foods & Entertainment, Gifting, Grosary, General Stores, Health and Personal Care, Home and Furnishing, Hospitality and Holidays, Jewelers and some other services on the SBI's new app Find out.
SBI Chairman's Statement:
SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar said, "SBI's new app is the biggest step in the digital India campaign. Through a new Yona App, a user ID can take advantage of all the services they need on a single platform.