Property holders caution, Modi government is ready to take action

It will be compulsory to join the property with support soon
The ban was imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year to curb black money. This notebook is once again seen as a second step in this direction on the completion of one year. Recently, sources have indicated that the Modi government is preparing for the prevention of black money and is likely to announce soon. The Modi government is finding signs to strike the property this time. Recently, a Union Minister had indicated that the Modi government is considering linking property with support and soon the decision will be announced.
This decision will be taken by: Hardeep Puri
Central housing and urban affairs minister Harid Puri told reporters that there is no doubt that the Modi government has to take concrete steps to prevent black-collared behavior by property. This is planned and will be decided soon. The idea is to connect all property with support to remove black money from the real estate sector and to capture anonymous properties. It is not surprising even if it is announced soon. If the bank accounts are currently linked to support then the property will be compulsorily added in the next.
The Prime Minister has said this many times
He further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has so often indicated in the direction that anonymity will be hit on the property. This action will be done in the direction of support linking. With the emphasis on support, the Government's campaign to make transparency in the economy of the country is advertised to be linked to the property. The government is moving in this direction and I have no doubt about that.

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