Paytm launches similar to WhatsApp ‘Inbox’ feature

Paytm has launched ‘Inbox’, which will work just like the WhatsApp Messaging Service App, just in ‘Inbox’ the user can also send and send money from another user.
Recently, the company said in a statement that the messaging platform is fully encrypted, in which the user will be able to talk to each other and also chat in the group, as well as photo, video and live location can be shared. You can also click on the photo from the built-in camera. It is worth mentioning that all the features are also available on WhatsApp.
Not only that, Inbox also features the recently launched feature ‘Delete for Everything’ on WhatsApp, the message sent using it can be deleted within 7 minutes. Paytm’s ‘Inbox’ is available on Android and will be available soon on iOS.
A senior official of Paytm said, “We want both the user and the business to communicate with each other. Social messaging, business, and payments all need to be brought together. ‘Paytm Inbox’ has launched this feature to meet the needs of its users. Where you can chat with your friends, businessmen and securely send and receive money. To get this feature, you can go to the Play Store and download the Paytm App You have to update.