Now, petrol will cost 250 liters in India!

What do you think if you have to pay 250 rupees for a liter of petrol? This could be possible if Iran and Saudi Arabia fought a war between them. If this happens then the budget of the government will not only be done on your pocket but also the government budget. The inflation will increase a lot.
According to a media report, if Saudi Arabia and Iran are struggling, then crude prices in the international market can reach up to $ 200 per barrel. In this case, the price of one liter petrol will be Rs 250 per liter in India.
The MD of Kedia Commodity said, “If the international price of crude goes up to 200 dollars per barrel in the international market, then the price of petrol in India will be 250 rupees per liter. The Iranian oil prices have not been steadily rising in the international market due to tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but have reached the highest level in two and a half years. Brett Frood currently costs $ 62 a barrel. ”
However, he told them, “The doubts are low. Since the world’s crude importer America has also been able to export crude. There was no increase in crude demand in China and other countries. Most countries are now preparing to shift to electric vehicles. This can reduce their demand. ”
According to a report, Saudi Arabia is a total of 20% of all countries offering crude oil. If there is a difference between Saudi and Iran, the supply will be stopped. There may be an increase in crude prices.
Chattis is always between Saudi Arabia and Iran in 2 hardened countries of the Middle East. From two religions to fiercely negotiating on the matter of permanently pressing oil and area.

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