Keep these easy to use with the five apples. Take a look at your partner.

If you believe your partner is betraying you. Then these five apps seem to work for you. He tells you where your partner is currently and what he is doing. Our advice is that you do not use these apps to go near it or to spy on …

  • Couple Tracker

With this app, you can see your partner’s phone call history, text message history, location, deleted message and all. With this app also able to track their Facebook activity and be able to give information.

  • Cup keeper

With this app you can track the mate’s location. They can easily get their activity details etc. With text message, call history, you can also control your partner’s phone battery and flashlights.

  • Couple Monitor

This app also gives your partner’s phone call, text message and location to you. It also provides information about videos, photos and audio recordings.

  • Find My Partner

Using this app you can get a partner, family or your children’s location. There should be GPS and phone data on this app’s exact resolution. This app works just like the other Locator Finder App. Once registered, you do not have to sign up anywhere else.

  • Track kapal

With this app you can read your partner’s call-message. This app with GPS locking lets all the incoming and outgoing stuff of your partner reach you.

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