If your WhatsApp is fake, you get 10 million people

Viral is running on WhatsApp's one-to-one App Store, showing Google's security thumb, and this app has even downloaded 10 million people. Based on the reports, the Update app called WhatsApp has been running in Google Play store for a long time. The most dangerous thing is that this app is on the name of the developer who has a WhatsApp app on the name. That's why users downloading this app also seem to be genuinely.
First of all, a read user has opened this app's pod. People first read the developer's name to identify the FREQUENT APPLICATION because it can know that this publisher is real or feasible.
WhatsApp's Fergie App was only available by Google Inc. on WhatsApp. Because of this, this app is fair to the users that Falak was not aware of 10 lakh people downloading it.
Let's tell you that this is not the first time that Android has been targeted by the Furious App. Even before this, there were some dangerous and fake applications in the Google Play store that caused damage to users.
How this can happen is that another app can be kept on the Google Play store by a WhatsApp Inc Developer.
This question may have come to your mind too. Looking at this, it seems that hackers will have to use the tricks to display WhatsApp Inc instead of the developer. This trick can be a Unicode. It has been previously seen that using the Unicode in Apple's website has fooled people. Because Apple's domain is apple.com and it has shown apple.com in the browser via Unicode Tricks.
Reduced users also shared a screenshot of this app's databases, in which WhatsApp + Inc wrote% C3% A0. But WhatsApp Inc appears in the Play store and does not show the remaining code.

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