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If your vehicle is 15 years old then you have to take a new preparation because ...

If your vehicle is 15 years old then you have to take a new preparation because ... Chief Secretary Dr. DK Joshi, on Thursday, met the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Gujarat, on the issue of increased air pollution in Megacity Ahmedabad. J.N. High-level meetings were held under the chairmanship of Mr. Singh, among which, some of the important decisions were taken in the 8 metros including 8 metros including Ahmedabad, to study the standards of metrosity like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, to make the new policy as soon as possible and to stop the use of old vehicles which have exceeded 15 years. It has been decided. Public transport buses in 8 metropolis, including Ahmedabad, have now decided to buy diesel based and adopting CNG and electricity based policy. However, the diesel-laden STs between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar Earlier the policy of introducing CNG-based buses by shutting buses, in which the state government itself has withdrawn the policy, which has to be noted here. It has also been decided that all the metro cities will be started to conduct three-wheelers and automotive and commercial rickshaws for CNG and electricity based on phase-wise basis. To increase the public transport buses, it is decided to increase the financial provision in the upcoming budget to reduce the use of private vehicles in all metro cities. GPCB has been instructed to set up a new site promptly to stop garbage collection at Pirana, and strict instructions have been given to speedily expedite the construction of existing waste based power plant. Even though it is being banned from using less than 15 microns, it has also been urged to strictly adhere to the restriction of authorities including the GPCB.