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If you are online banking then this is the case for you.

If you are online banking then this is the case for you.
Ahmedabad: If you do online banking, now be a little cautious, because even though there is security beyond your banking banking system, you can withdraw money from your account. In the Bopel area of ​​the city and working in graphics designing, 48,000 complaints have been filed in Bopal Police Station. The youth came out of the laptop after logging in and after knowing about three rupees from different transactions. The Bopal police has started registering the crime.
According to the information, Siddharth Shah lives with his family in the upcoming Safal Parishar-1 in the South Bopal area. Graphical designing has been done for two years at Sobo Center, Bopel. In South Bopal, they are presently in the AaiSaiCi Bank, in which they carry out their business transactions. 20 days ago they had logged into Internet and banking from their laptops.
Apart from the log in, there were no unidentified persons and three transactions through their debit card, out of which the first date was Rs 67.29, second 31786 and third one was Rs 16885, out of which Rs. The transaction of 67.29 was returned. Anyone else who informed the bank about the transfer of the money and then transferred it to the bank.
The bank officials and the officials were asked to report in the customer care so that they asked to stop calling cards and internet banking in their customer care. Through the Ford Department, it was asked if they did not have an ATP or e-mail or phone, then they refused to do so.