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How To: How to fix errors in the name of online support

How To: How to fix errors in the name of online support
It is now necessary to link support cards and papers. Some people can not pair the PAN card with PAN card due to a mistake in their name or address in the support card. This is causing huge difficulties. People are feeling helpless because of giving different information in support cards and papers in many places. Also, it is compulsory to associate a support card with all the items. If there is any mistake in your support card then online can fix it as well. Here we are going to show you a simple step towards this.
aadhar card
It is noteworthy that the central government has tied it with all the government undertakings to increase the usefulness of the Aadhaar card, making it an important component. Now the base card has been linked to PAN card, LPG, passport, mobile phone, SIM card and basic phone connection, with Ration Card, Pension, IT Return. Also, the support card for driving license from government license and PF is now inevitable.
How Do You Get Up
Now you do not need to go to different portals to check the base card status or to check the base number status. You can do all these work by going to UIDAI which is the official website of the Aadhaar card. You can get all information about Aadhaar card going to
What can be updated?
By visiting the above website, you can update your name, address, age, gender information, mobile number, e-mail details. The process of making the Aadhaar card has been simplified. Now camping in different places is filled with its online form. After that even if there is a mistake it can be improved later on. Improvement of the base card is very easy. You have to do this to improve these errors in the support card.
How do you?
If you go to the website first, you will have the option of changing your base card. Clicking on this option will get you a new page open. Here you have to add a support number. You will find some number written in a box called capacled words that will be written properly in an empty box. Then there will be an OTP message on your registered mobile number which you will be required to login to the website by typing in the box.
After that you have to fill in the new information by going to the section of your name, address or age, which you have changed. And then submit it.
What to do then
After this process clicked Proceded after data-up. Now you can see your new information in it. Check once more, and then click Confirm button. All details will be updated. Then there will be a message on your registered mobile number. In which you will get a URN number.
URN Number
After completing all the operations, enter the support number and URL number and logout. Then go to the Data Updates option and check out their support number and url number. After that some time you will get an update message on your registered mobile number. UrN number is called an Update Request Number. It is generated only when no one is up to the base card.
Status card status
If you do not know the status of your base card, you also have the option to check the status. Click on the arrow in the picture where there is an arrow mark. Here you will have to give your support number and url number. So you can give your status information.