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LIC Plan Once The Money Will Be Stopped

LIC is the country’s largest life insurance company. However, there are some plans in it that have double benefits. One has to Save his income tax on the investment, the second benefit is that he has to invest only once. Because of this LIC plans are becoming very popular. According to Avaish Kumar Rajput, LIC’s development officer, Kanpur, the full benefit can be availed by investing in the log-in single premium plan before March 31.
LIC Plan Once The Money Will Be Stopped
  • Single Down Payment Plan
LIC has to provide premium once only in this plan. This plan can take people from 90 days to 65 years of age. This plan is available for 10 years. It can be insured for a minimum of 50 thousand rupees. Although there is no limit on the maximum. If a person insures a minimum of 50,000 then he will have to pay a premium of 40 thousand rupees. After completion of the policy, they get Rs 75 to 80 thousand rupees. If the person with insured dies, then the nominee will get 50 thousand rupees.
Life Akshaya Pension Plan
Under this plan, pension can be availed for life and later the nominee will get the money back in premium form. More details on this can be seen by going to LIC’s 

official site.
Single Money Back Policy
LIC plans to invest in this scheme with three options. In this, the investor gets 9 years, 12 years and 15 years of option. All these options require minimal insurance. Although there is no limit on the maximum.
  • Description of 9 year option
In this option, the investor will have to pay a minimum of Rs 28 thousand and a premium of 40 thousand rupees. Under the scheme, 15-15% of the money is returned in the form of money back in the third and sixth year. This money is about 6-6 thousand rupees. In 9 years 16 thousand rupees and bonus is available. On average, the insurer gets a total return of around 45 thousand rupees.
  • 12 Year Option
This option offers a minimum insurance cover of Rs 50,000. For which there is a premium of 40 thousand rupees. In the 3-6-9 years, 15% money back in the form of money back. In 12 years all the money is returned.
  • 15 Year Option
There is a minimum insurance cover of 70 thousand rupees in this scheme. For which there is a premium of 50 thousand rupees. In this scheme 3-15-9 and 12 years every 15-15% money is returned. In the last 15 years, the remaining money is returned. Nearly 1.40 lakh rupees are available to the investor till the end.
  • Life Uplift Single Premium Plan
LIC has issued a single premium plan called Life Uplift. You can find more information on this from the LIC website.
  • How Much Will It Get?
The depositor will get Sum Assured of a minimum of 75 thousand rupees.
You can also take a loan in exchange for it
If someone needs money, then he can take a loan in return. So that he could get financial help.
  • Free Look Period Benefits
If someone has made a mistake by choosing a policy, it will also benefit from the 15-day free look period. During this time it can return the policy.
LIC’S 4 Policies will give double Benefits, once the Money will be Stopped