Facebook launches in India, Like Store

Facebook launches in India, Like Store
Facebook has launched a feature in its app in India, which can be used to buy and sell goods. Facebook has launched ‘Marketplace’ feature as a trial in Mumbai. If this trial is successful then it will be launched nationwide.
Facebook will be able to post ads for products used by users from the Marketplace feature or to search for others’ post. This feature is like Olx and Quickr. Marketplace is already in 25 countries including the US, and has been rolled out to other 17 countries in the Taj, including Germany, France and the UK.
You can take advantage of the Marketplace feature using the ‘Shop’ icon in the Facebook app’s store. In it, users can upload photos of the image they want to sell, then the user who wants to get the product can contact the user. It can be searched in categories such as household, electronic and appirial.
According to the company, it will not be available for payment and delivery facility. Neither will any partnership in the transaction. The comparison of this feature to India will be with OLX, as its users are in large numbers in India. But Facebook users could be more focused on Facebook OLX.

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