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Facebook can open many of your razas, learn and get alert today from today

Facebook can open many of your razas, learn and get alert today from today
Nowadays most people use Facebook. Even though we do not know about ourselves, we know more about Facebook and others than others. But today let's tell you, many people can get many of your information from Facebook's database.
Thus, knowingly you are logging in to many apps through an unintentional Facebook account, but forgetting to logout it, this big mistake sometimes creates a problem for you. However, due to this error, all information, including profile users, is shared with many apps and websites that you know about. This information used by you is used as a large database, after which it is distributed to larger companies.
Find out which app is connected to your FB account
After clicking on Facebook's 'Setting' option, you will see a list, after clicking on the 'App' option, you will see all the apps that you have occasionally logged in with Facebook ID. This app has many apps like Shopping, Grosary, Garments, so Facebook can track your daily activities. Thus, the product and service interfaces users more and Facebook shows advertisers connected to the same product and service.
Facebook keeps all the information from log in location to device name
With the Facebook security and log in page, you can find out where and what device you logged in with your Facebook account. Facebook has many information related to your device and its location. Thus, if for some reason you forget to logout the account from a public computer or from any other phone, you can logout the account from all the devices as you did before by logging in as well as entering the security and log in.