Everyone who has paid from mobile should know this 5 Tips

Yuletility Desk, Ahmedabad: The online banking usage is increasing rapidly, now most people are doing the transaction with their own smartphones. There are some essential tips that everyone should know, which is typically payable by mobile. Here we show 5 tips that can help you avoid fraud.
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In this way you can do a computer screen recording, know the useful software
Yuletility Desk, Ahmedabad: Most of the time people work on computers or laptops, but there are some things that are difficult to do on a PC compared to mobile, such as screen-video recording etc. However, this work can be done by installing some useful software. If you want to make a screen recording here best software is shown, which can help you.
My Screen Recorder
With this software, any users can easily record video of their computer’s desktop. Windows, cursor, video, and sound can also be recorded in this. The special talk of Screen Recorder is that it can record both the sound of a microphone and speaker at the same time. That means you can do an Internet video call by doing this too. These videos are high-quality and small-sized. This software has its built-in media player that makes this task easy.
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Utility Desk, Ahmedabad: Pre-booking of Jio phones will be started from August 24, if you want to book Geo Phone. However, the registration has begun for 1 month. You must have a support card to buy a phone. If you do not have a support card you can not buy this phone.
If you want to buy a phone, but you do not have a support card, we are showing you online promotions of making a base card. This process will not make your base card at home, but more than half will work, the rest will be done from the support center, after this process you will have to go to the support center to take a fingerprint scan, iris scanner and photo.
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