Caution! RBI will not immediately send the SMS sent to your phone, because

Caution! RBI will not immediately send the SMS sent to your phone, because … Sandesh November 15 2017 13:29 Most often it happens that we delete the messages on our phone without reading it, but if you do not pay attention to the message from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), you may be overwhelmed. It is said that the RBI is also sending an SMS to the bank customers to secure financial transactions, which says, “Your bank does not ask any personal information about you on your phone. So do not share any kind of information with anyone. “Fraud has become very big in today’s time. Many people ask folks and you ask for a support card and bank locality, because of which people become a victim of fraud. Rbi One is trying to save people from fraud by giving information to people. ‘Listen to what RBI says’ beginning of the program Let us tell you to listen to the bank’s bankruptcies by the central bank’s ‘Listen to RBI’. What is to say, ‘the program has started, the RBI is ensuring that the name of the common man is not being cheated.

Under this, the central bank is providing information about online safe transactions and fraud prevention during financial transactions. Apart from the message, the RBI introduced the number To alert customers, the RBI has also announced a number along with sending a message. On this number, you can receive information by taking a missed call and taking information about financial transactions and fraud in the name of RBI. Let me tell you that a few days ago, some people had e-mails with RBI name. This email claimed that people will be given a large amount. The fact was that this mail was sent not from RBI but sent by the FAK.