Based on 210 government-related websites,

The UIADI said that more than 200 websites of central and state government have made public such information as names and addresses of some of the beneficiaries. In response to an RTI reply by the organization which has issued the support, it has been said that they are aware of this violation and the information has been removed from these websites. It is not clear when the violation occurred.
UIADI said that support information from us has never been made public. It has been found that the names, addresses and other information of beneficiaries were made public on the basis of support card on nearly 210 websites of Central Government, State Government departments including educational institutions. But now these information has been removed from these websites.
UIDAI has declared the number of unique identification of 12 digits, which is proof of identity and home address of any country in the country. It is to be mentioned that the Central Government is in the process of making the basis inevitable for taking advantage of various social service arrangements. It has been said in the reply of the RTI that the system of UIDAI is very systematic and it continues the continuous effort to maintain high level security. Maintaining data security and privacy is a very important and big responsibility of the system.

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