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After the feature phone, Reliance Jio is bringing a cheaper 4G smartphone, the price will be as feature phones

New Delhi: Reliance Jio is now preparing for the cheapest 4G smartphone after Infocomm 4G featurephone. This is what China's chip maker SpreadTrum Communications has said. This company is in talks with Reliance Jio to supply spare parts for smartphone handsets. The company's headquarters are in Shanghai, and by the end of this year, Reliance Jio will offer a chip for 1 crore 4G featurephone.
Spectrum is searching for local handset makers to design this phone in India. The company's chief executive Lee said that the company invested $ 10 million in partnership with Micromax Company in 2012. They are not happy with the Chinese company's involvement in the Indian market.
During the visit to India, Lee said that the company is looking for all the possibilities for a 4-inch screen, with a low price 4G feature phone. ETO tried to get his party emailed to Geo on this issue but did not receive any reply from press meet till Tuesday.
Li said that Geo is the only company that is trying to market feature phones. We are trying to get 4G feature phones (chips) found with Geo at the cheapest price. We will sell 1 crore Devices (chip) by the end of the year.