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7 Fixed Deposit, which gives a good interest rate

Most people consider it more advisable to stop the fix deposits. So if you are also looking at the FD plan, we have brought some good options for you. Now interest rates are decreasing and in the coming days, it seems to be lower in this way. So, we are going to show you some FD plans here which can prove to be a good option for a longer period.

  1. KDDFC

8.5 This fixed deposit at the interest rate is a good option. This plan of Kerala government is very strong in terms of funding. Deposit is a guarantee by the government. There is no concern for this. You can choose this good option before or before interest rates go down. The interest rate of 8.5% is different for different periods.

  • IDFC Bank

If you are looking at bank deposits, you can choose IDFC bank. This is a good option for you with a rate of 8.25 percent in different time zones.

  • PPF

You can choose a public provident fund, ie, a PPF if you are coming to pay tax. The Post Office Scheme will give you 8% interest. Which is good for tax savings. Because interest rates on PPF are tax-free. Tax relief under Income Tax Act 80C is also not available.

  • Bajaj Finserve

Bajaj offers 8.25% interest on FD in Finserv, which is good at the standalone.
Shriram Transport FD
In Shriram Transport Finance you get 10.6% interest in 5 years. Which is very high. This deposit has been rated AAA and it is safe.

  • Bandhan Bank

If you are considering a deposit of 1 year, bonding bank is a good option. For a period of 1 year, 8% interest is paid on the deposits in the bonding bank. However, there is no more attractive offer at interest rate of less than 1 year or more.
Mahindra & Mahindra Fixed Deposit
Mahindra & Mahindra Fixed Deposit gives you 8.05% interest. Also, this deposit is AAA rated. Which you can see as a good option.
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