Make WhatsApp message on Android smartphones like this

1. Make a Whitsap Message Schedule

Sometimes you forget to do a WhatsApp message on someone's birthday or on a special occasion. You can schedule a message in WhatsApp. The message scheduled by you will be sanded on the set time. However, this is not a feature of WhatsApp, but you have to adopt the tips for it.
Third party application schedule can take the support of WhatsApp messages to schedule Whatsapp in Android smartphones. This application is very easy to use. First of all you have to download and download the schedule message in your phone.

After installing, you will need access to the super user and you will have to allow it. With this, the option of screen-pending messaging will come. Here you will see a pencil icon on the right, you have to click on it.
Only click on the pencil will get the option to select. From here you can select Whatsapp contact, which you want to send a message to. In it you can also select a group other than one name.

On the screen there will be an option to type the message and you will have to set the schedule time by typing the message here. As soon as you click on the button below, your WhatsAppPending message will be in the schedule list. The message will run automatically at a given time and you will also get notice of delivery. You can save the message together in a schedule if you wish. You can edit the schedule message again if you wish.

This application is very light and does not stop even more memory. But while using this application, keep in mind that the Internet is working on the phone and your phone's time is correct.

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