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Keep your biodata ready, in the next 2 months Paytm will give 10 thousand jobs

Mobile Wallet Provider PATMA has planned to double the number of agents' own team. It is preparing to open 1 lakh branches across the country. This will make it easier for PATIm users to complete Know Your Customer's Notums. The payment company has set a target of 50 crore full kiosk customers in three years.

itself into payments bank. He said that due to the existing guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India for prepaid instruments or mobile wallets, standalone mobile wallets will have to comply with the strict norms and the Aditional Regulatory requirements of KYCC. This will weaken their position. Renu Satti, Chief Executive Officer, PATM Payments, said, "We already have 10,000 agents, who are helping customers to complete the KYPE norms. We have planned to hire 10,000 more agents in two months to increase physical capacity of physics. We will also start one lakh banking outlets, where customers can get biometric authentication and receive another banking facility.
PATIm has changed 
He said that every one banking outlet would be a combination of two-three people, and a combination of a network of business corpsands. It will be provided with basic banking service and the KYCIC facilitator of the company's customs will be completed. One 97 communications Pentium has a 49 percent stack, while the remaining part is privately owned by its founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma. PATMA transferred its mobile wallet (PPI license payment bank) this year only. In the last week of the week, RBI made full kwaiyasi norms for mobile wallet users.

This also increased the Minimam Net worth for the PPI license application.