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Three major changes in the Sukanya Yojana, now 1000 will be opened in the amount of not more than 1000

  • Three major changes in the Sukanya Yojana, now 1000 will be opened in the amount of not more than 1000
  • New Delhi: The Government of India launched a plan to save the education of girls for the Sukanya prosperity scheme in January 2015. This plan has been very debatable. The government has recently made some changes to the rules attached to this scheme. This change has been done by taking the maximum amount of the annual deposit amount from the minimum amount to open the account.
  • Now, in order to open an account, you will have to deposit only Rs 250. This is the most important change in the rules related to the Sukanya prosperity scheme. Prior to this, under the scheme, Rs 1,000 had to be deposited in order to open the account. Now for your girl child this account can be opened at only Rs 250. This rule has been changed to the Sukanya Sambhumi Yojana (Research) Act, 2018.
  • Keeping in mind the common man from the collector, the limit for keeping the minimum amount of minimum amount in the Sukanya prosperity scheme has been changed. It is compulsory to put at least Rs.1000 in savings in the first year, which has now been reduced to Rs.250. The new rule has come into effect from 6th July 2018.
  • Initially, interest on the account is available on the basis of annual basis in the Sukanya prosperity scheme. But according to one rule, the government will get the new amount every three months on the amount under the scheme. This provision is already in other small savings schemes, such as PPF and Senior Citizen Savings Scheme. At present, 8.1% interest (aggregation) gets annually in the dry market.
  • You can open the account of Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana in any post office or official bank of the bank. Generally, the bank will provide PPF account opening facility. It also opens the account of the Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana.

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