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Post office superb scheme, open up to 200 rupees account, get more than bank offers

  • Post Office offers 6.6% interest on FD for 1 year, 6.7% interest for 2 years, 6.9% interest for 3 years, 7.4% interest for 5 years.
  • New Delhi: The idea of ​​investing in mind is the first to think about the bank. Some people today give more importance to the bank than the post office. But you know that investing in a post office is more secure and better than the bank, then you will be a little awkward.
  • Every investor has a desire for more profits on his investment. Those people need to invest in the post office. Because of the bank, the post office gets more interest on fixed deposits. Currently, if you deposit time in the post office, interest is getting up to 7.4 percent.
  • If we talk about investment securities, then the deposit in the bank is insured under the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Scheme. Under this scheme, the investor gets only one lakh rupees for any type of loss. You can take the account in the form of security and take a loan in exchange for it. But do not have a time deposit with a post office.
  • About the account
  • The name of this account is Post Office Time Deposit Account (TD). You can open this account in the post office at just Rs 200. For that you have to go to the nearest post office. There is no maximum investment limit.
  • What is the scheme
  • Post Office offers 6.6% interest on FD for 1 year, 6.7% interest for 2 years, 6.9% interest for 3 years, 7.4% interest for 5 years. This interest rate is calculated on a quarterly basis. However, its payments will be done at the annual level.
  • Children can also open an account
  • Thus parents can open accounts in the name of their children. But if the child is more than 10 years old. It can also operate the account itself. Apart from this, you can open as many accounts as you want to open under this scheme.
  • Convenience of Joint Account
  • Under this scheme you can only open a single account, but the facility of opening a joint account is also available. You can also convert your own joint account into a single account whenever you want.
  • Facility of account transfer
  • You can transfer your account from one post office to another post office whenever you want. Apart from this, you can also keep the nominee. You can also transfer your annual interest to recurring deposits. It requires that your RD be for 5 years.
  • Investment Methods
  • If you make money in this scheme you will have to go to the post office. You will not be able to sit at home. Because in this scheme, you can only deposit money through cash and checks.
  • Tax Benefit Facility
  • This scheme also gives you tax benefits. However, this benefit is available to those people, which opens up time deposits for 5 years. Depositors will not get the benefit for less than that.

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